Twitter confirms it is winding down SnappyTV, shifting features to Media Studio

In the latest development, we have confirmed that Twitter is preparing to wind down SnappyTV, a service it acquired in 2014 for quickly clipping, editing and sharing live video clips on Twitter and other social platforms.


In its place, Twitter plans to bring several of SnappyTV’s features into Media Studio, a dashboard for businesses and power users to upload, schedule and manage media tweets that looks like it might have been launched about a year ago.

Reports started to emerge earlier today about the company’s plans to sunset SnappyTV. By coincidence one of our social team had also been asking Twitter some questions about video features in the last week, and received a reply with SnappyTV detail earlier this morning.

In addition to the key “live cutting” feature that is the core of SnappyTV’s service, Twitter plans to add other features to the Media Studio that were not a part of Twitter Video nor SnappyTV, such as the ability to include SRT files (video caption files).

This is not the first time that Twitter has pared down products in recent times. The company also committed itself to paring down some of its ad products, it transitioned Fabric over to Google, it wound down use of its “buy” button as it downgraded its commerce ambitions, it shut down a lead generation product, and in the area of video, there is, of course, the winding down of Vine.

But media — and video in particular, and even more specifically, live video — has been highlighted as a key area that Twitter wants to develop as it looks to bring more growth to its business.

Source: TechCrunch

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