Nvidia Shield TV gets updated YouTube app with 360 video

Nvidia’s Shield TV is the best streaming box you can get right now, thanks to 4K support, a variety of surround sound audio formats and a great execution of Android TV, and it just got a little bit better: The latest update to the YouTube app brings 360-degree video support, as well as an improved UI that should make browsing content easier.


The new app introduces the 360-degree video feature that Nvidia and Google have both demonstrated previously, which provides viewers with a way to enjoy immersive content without having to don a headset. You can use the Shield TV’s included Nvidia controller to navigate your view, and it works with both existing and new content formatted for 360-degree viewing devices. This is a pretty cool feature to use, and based on previous demos I think it’ll be especially interesting for action sports fans and people who want to jump right into immersive concert videos.

The changes to the YouTube app also include improved browsing user interface elements, which are designed to make it easy to find stuff by category as well as know whose logged in account you’re looking at with just a glance. My personal favorite changes are the tweaks to the video player. You can now also get thumbnail previews as you seek back and forward in a video, and the autoplay feature now has a five-second delay to give you a chance to get your bearings, as well as the option to turn off autoplay altogether. Don’t worry if you aren’t seeing this update just yet, but it should arrive soon.

Source: TechCrunch

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