Twitch’s mobile app is adding live streaming

Amazon-owned game-streaming site Twitch today announced a series of changes coming soon to its mobile application, the most notable of which is the ability for broadcasters to stream directly to their channel from the app itself. That doesn’t mean you can live stream gameplay as of yet, though.


However, being able to go live directly from mobile is a more important part of Twitch’s strategy these days, as the company expands beyond being just a place to watch video games. These days, Twitch streamers can also run their own vlogs on the network or even share their interests outside of gaming.

The updated mobile app is also gaining Twitch Pulse — the company’s previously launched Twitter-like feed of social updates, including text, multimedia and links from other services like YouTube, Imgur, Vimeo and Gfycat. Also Twitch launches a dark mode on mobile. (YouTube recently launched a dark theme, but for desktop users only.)

Twitch’s app is also receiving a makeover, with navigation bars for sections like Live, Pulse and Browse, and swipe gestures for selecting new videos, accessing playlists and returning to previous streams. It’s getting “Instant Playlists,” a collection of videos you can pull down from the top of the screen, and it’s bringing to mobile the same notification center found on the desktop.

Mobile live streaming, along with a growing number of monetization mechanisms for smaller streamers  may bring more streamers to Twitch over time. Twitch says the app today has been installed more than 83 million times; its service, including both desktop and mobile, has 9.7 million daily active users. The app is rolling out to iOS and Android in early July.

Source: TechCrunch


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