Beam rebrands as Mixer. Microsoft’s game streaming service adds co-streaming & mobile broadcasting

Microsoft’s live-streaming service Beam, is today getting a new name: Mixer.


Mixer is also launching new features including co-streaming, a mobile broadcasting app for iOS and Android, a new guide for finding what’s currently streaming across its service, and more.

With the launch of co-streaming, Mixer will now allow up to four streamers to combine their streams into a single page, where they’re displayed in a split screen view. This allows viewers to watch all the streams at the same time, while also participating in a centralized chat. While the feature could be used to broadcast a co-op session of “League of Legends,” notes the blog post about the new feature, it doesn’t have to be used to stream the same content.

Friends could be playing different games or even streaming something non-game related, like the music from a band or a multi-player board game.

Using a live streaming platform for more than gameplay is something rival Twitch has focused on in recent months, as well. The Amazon-owned company has added new channels for creative content, tools for vlogging, and ways for viewers to find streams related to non-gaming interests, as a means of broadening its user base beyond hard-core gamers.

source: TechCrunch

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