DJI’s GO 4 control app adds automated flight modes to the new Spark drone

At today’s media event in NYC, DJI announced its new Spark drone, destined for the entry-level market as an everyday portable solution for capturing aerial footage.

To go with your shiny new Spark, DJI is releasing a new iOS control app, dubbed GO 4.


The new app features a new set of four automated flight modes, which allow you or I to pull off advanced flight maneuvers that would otherwise wreck a $499 toy. The GO4 app starts you off with ActiveTrack, allowing the Spark to focus on any moving subject within the frame; Pano an automated stitching software tool that allows you to capture panoramas; ShallowFocus, an exaggerated depth of field shot; TapFly which hovers and tracks a target and finally, the Gesture mode which allows you to use simply hand gestures to take simple selfie shots or videos.

DJI is obviously including photo/video filters within GO 4, automated editing and exporting/uploading to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and other social networks.

All of Spark’s flight modes include full flight autonomy, thanks to a sensor cocktail of GPS/GLONASS, a 3D sensing system and what DJI is marketing as a vision positioning system to stay stable during flight.

source: TechCrunch

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